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It first went online in 2000 on a free hosting service.
This site is older than MySpace, Facebook, Twitter etc.

Hippie also spelled 'hippy' is a member of a counterculture group that began in the United States during the Vietnam War, just after the British Invasion in 1960s. Hippie, Flower Child or Contemporary Hipster are synonyms for a Hippy. Hippies are people whose behavior, dress, worldviews, use of psychedelic drugs, tastes in art, music etc. imply a rejection of conventional Middle Class values. Origins of hippies can be traced back to European freedom movement groups and Bohemians, American 1940s Hipsters and 1950s Beats.

During the 1950s, aspects of the
Beat movement metamorphosed into the sixties counterculture, accompanied by a shift in terminology from "beatnik" to "hippie" [Read more]. Hence, hippies came from the Beats. The leading writers known as the "beats" were Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac, William Burroughs and Gregory Corso. Their followers were called "beatniks", and the word "beatnik" came from the word "beatific", which means "bestowing bliss, blessings, happiness, blissful, saintly” [Def. from:].

The most obvious differences between beatniks and hippies were their tastes in dress and music. Beatniks preferred Jazz music, abstract art and fashions from Paris, France. Hippies preferred Folk-Rock music, psychedelic art and fashions from London (Mod) and San Francisco (jeans, bandanas, Hippie Look).

The name of
The Beatles, a 1960s English band that started the British Invasion was a play of words in the spelling of the words "beat" + "beetle = "Beatle". That play in spelling identified The Beatles with the Beats and with Hippies. The spelling was a stoke of genius that came to John Lennon in a dream. On July 6, 1961, John Lennon was asked by a reporter from Mersey Beat (Vol.1 No. 1) how did the name Beatles arrive? He replied "It came in a vision - a man appeared on a flaming pie and said 'From this day on you are Beatles, spelled with an A'. Thank you Mister Man, they said, thanking him."

To know where we’re going, we have to understand where we’ve been. In that spirit this website was built. At first, it was made for folks the author had met in his travels abroad, who didn't understand the influence 1960s and hippies had on our modern culture. The site has also become a source of first hand information about 1960-70s hippies and the author's personal experiences, among other things.

Some reasons for the creation of the site
because many websites on the subject were made by people that were too young in the 1960s to understand what was going on, weren't born yet or were not hippies themselves,
because the media portrays of the 1960s is often an image created to serve conservative corporate propaganda interests,
because the author's experiences were different from those of others,
to prevent destortion of facts about hippies and 1960s Peace movement,
to contribute to the global community,
to create a personal home site on the Web,
to tell about the author's experiences,
to preserve the spirit and ideas that are dear to hippies,
and for other reasons.

I was there, drank the wine, smoked the weed, passed the acid test, got initiated and was given a hippie name: The Polish Hippy. So, if you won't expect too much from my writing skills and find the time to go through some stuff posted on the site, perhaps you'll learn a bit more about the 1960-70s and how and why they changed the world so much. But most of all, this will be a biography of a 1960s Chicago hippy rather then a research type work on the subject.

In my transatlantic travels and the mentoring work I've done in Europe, I've met many folks that didn't understand America; especially the 1960s and hippies. So, instead of writing a book on the subject, caring photo albums and scrap books with me and retelling the same story to everyone I've come across, I've built this site instead. You'll find lots of information, related links, photos, my music, etc. here. And the site was built by me. Thus, the site is an online work of art, and blog style literature.

My experiences were different from other 1960s hippies. I lived in Chicago and traveled to Europe. When I started building this site in about 2000, there were just a few hippies on the Web. Perhaps that was because many old hippies were not computer literate; though hippies and psychedelics did play a major role in the development of computers, informatics and the World Wide Web,
read this. Web 2.0 technology and services that made blogs, Facebook, YouTube, MySpace etc. possible wheren't available then. Web 2.0 made it easy to build websites without programming skills and opened the World Wide Web for the masses.

My music inspired by Amsterdam and the 1960s

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